5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be on Facebook


The question “Are you on Facebook?” has eventually moved on to become “Is your business on Facebook?” Both these questions have become redundant to the extent that they are extinct now. It is quite obvious that businesses trying to tap the social media/social networking hoopla have to be and indeed are on Facebook. If your business is not part of this Facebook marketing hysteria, you are missing on a big market share.

Here is what makes every small and big brand make optimal leverage of Facebook’s mammoth userbase.

1. Engagement

Where there is mass, there is engagement; and where else can you find a better mass than the Facebook userbase?

Setting up a Facebook page to represent your brand helps in getting closer to your existing as well as your potential clientele. Gone are the days when companies can heavily rely on surveys to get a better understanding of the market, or hold events every now and then to get in touch with its customers. Hardly does anyone want to spare time to fill up a survey questionnaire or make it to your events.

A better alternative is to ensure that your customers are connected to you on Facebook, interact with you there via simple Facebook questions, polls, personal messages or a mere status message.

However, the interaction can happen on a desirable large scale when your page has attracted a large number of Facebook Likes. This takes some time, as your page needs to go from one user to another. Alternatively, you can buy Facebook likes to speed up this process though. If you want to get more tips about marketing on social media, then look at this website https://newstable.org/ for further details.

2. Demographic targeting

Facebook ads are at par with those of Google Adwords when it comes to conversions; this is what most online entrepreneurs, many top notch affiliate marketers, and budding e-commerce store’s webmasters believe.

Perhaps the main reason for this belief is the nature of Facebook ads. One can target ads to a specific group based on location or interests, which ensures better ROI.

3. Branding

Facebook pages are almost synonymous to a branding channel for your business. The cover image and the page image act of the voice of your business and hence provide opportunities for branding. The landing page which can be created via a Facebook page’s tab can be deployed to enhance the brand image by integrating other social networks’ profiles or your business’s blog/website.

4. Product Showcase

The cover image can be further utilized to present to your brand’s fansa new product or service. It could act as a digital hording indeed.

And the status updates can be used to share images or videos of your upcoming products to enhance visibility.

5. Visibility

Facebook pages are crawled by Google and other search engines, unlike a profile (which may or may not be visible depending on the account holder’s choice). This ensures that SEO works for Facebook pages as well. The better the SEO, more are the chances of getting traffic to your Facebook page, and more will your brand be in people’s eyes.

All the above mentioned perks come at no cost and in less time. So easy is Facebook marketing! All it takes is decoding the right Facebook marketing strategy for your niche.

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