Being a social media influencer is a legit job. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Whether you’re an influencer or live streamer, there are plenty of platforms on which to get famous and make money out of it. The problem is, you may just be starting out and everything seems like a drag. You’re not getting the visibility you thought you should. Here are some of the things you might be doing wrong.

  1. You’re not posting consistently

Nobody wants to follow a Facebook or Instagram account where there isn’t an update for days or weeks at a time. While you’re building your brand you need to engage people and keep them riveted. Work out a posting schedule that’s consistent and regular. The more you post, the more visible you will be. Try to have multiple posts a day to start with.

  1. You’re not targeting your market

The best strategy to engage people is to think like your target market. Use hashtags that relate to them. The tone of your content, the amount of graphics and the videos you post up all depend on who you’re speaking to. If you’re running a blog about Kpop, use plenty of cute emojis, but if you’re running a serious finance blog, rainbows and alpacas would seem out of place.

  1. You don’t have a call to action

The goal of being online is to get as many followers and subscribers as possible. This is why you should repeatedly remind people to like, follow or subscribe to you. If you don’t want to be too direct all the time, use backlinks to direct them to another related content that has the call to action.

  1. You don’t use hashtags properly

Some people believe that the more hashtags you use, the more visible you’ll be. That’s not necessarily true. The goal of using hashtags is to reach your target market and make sure that your post is not lost in the sea of similar content. Using too many hashtags can annoy people, as they want to see real content and not a bunch of hashtags.

  1. Your content is not shareable

If you’re trying to reach people, don’t set your posts or account as private or friends only. You’ve got to set all your posts to the public and allow them to be shared by everyone. Making shareable content is important, and also involves things that don’t break the law.