How I Felt While Sending My Kid Off For Summer For The First Time


The First Time

I sent my son away!

I was not so excited to sign him up for his first time summer camp. He and I were both jumping up and down when I finished his registration for Camp Chateaugay a few months ago.

Yea as a kid its right to be independent Jude very independent, although he is just 12 this year. Jude loved summer camps even though he is still to experience one, and also he loved outdoor school so much that he keeps on asking me Dad when am I going off for summer? Though I never counted it as a terrible stuff but when he left I felt so bored without him. I knew he would love summer camp, too. Going off on his own, joining a cabin and making new friends, being in natural it all seemed perfect.

Camp Chateaugay offers a great 3-night program, in addition to the normal full camp week program. (Just 6 days). Since this would be Jude’s first time away from home. I and his mom have decided that the 3-night camp was the way to go. If he loves it, we’ll send him for the full week next summer.

Some few days to go, he refused to go for the summer due to his been too independent which I could understand. Jude asked me why I wasn’t going with him but I told him the same old story. This made him feel bored about the summer.

I later realized that even though he feels independent, it doesn’t mean he his fully aware of what he’s doing. I also realized when I was 11 when I and my family went out for some family beach party. I pleaded and instead on spending the beach party with the teenagers instead of my family, my father finally gave me some cash and let me go off with a few teens and young adults that I liked to hang out with. We went to a fast food restaurant, and I didn’t know what to do. I had never ordered at a fast food restaurant, and it was overwhelming. I had no idea how to navigate. Instead of asking for help, I just didn’t eat lunch. Everyone assumed I knew what I was doing because I was so independent, but I was with no option than to watch and learn from others.

I and Jude later had some discussion before he left the family for his 3 days summer, sooner he felt I started thinking about what he will be doing at that point in time at the summer.

After his summer he came back and told us it was great going to the Chateaugay Camp

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