How to gain more clients with live chat options


Making business more friendly and closer to the public has been a dream for many people and many of them are finally deciding to take a look at how they can be closer to the target audience without having to pay many salaries to an army of experts. Today ecommerce businesses are finally realizing that connecting to people on a personal and professional level helps build long term relationship and acquire a strong customer base. A busiess that looks more accessible seems more friendly and closer to the real world. That is why having a chat in the ecommerce website is the first step to take towards gaining the customers who will never go away and who will spread word of mouth into the infinity.

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From fashion to IT support, live chats are really popular today. I have experienced how quickly and efficiently they work myself. I had a technical problem setting up my wi fi modem at home and I tried calling my provider many times. I got more and more annoyed as I had to wait for the person to pick up for twenty minutes. After hanging up without actually talking to anyone I went to go online to their website and stumbled upon a live chat box. I typed in my question really fats and then went on with my day, hoping to receive an answer to my email within this work day. To my surprise the person on the chat answered right away, took me through the process and I fixed everything within minutes!

My wife had a similar situation with an online fashion store where she was purchasing a winter coat. As there was a sale on all winter clothing and accessories my wife also wanted to get a hat, scarf and gloves, as well as a new bag. She tried the chat with a stylist – a new feature on that site – and the expert quickly gave her spot-on variants on what would go perfect with her coat. We were very happy when we received those items because you could tell that the choice was just right, and I must say that if we did it on our own we would not have achieved that level of elegance and style.

It is understandable that the traditional ways of liaising with the public such as the telephone system may be really busy because of the sheer amount of people having issues and questions. That is why chats can be much easier because the expert at the other end can give the inquirer fast hints and links about what to do and turn the situation around for themselves. Having a chat on your online business webpage is very important as well as training and coaching the person who works on it really well. So make sure you are working towards the future and making this opportunity available.

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