How to Make Your Garden Look Awesome This Summer


Spring is typically thought of as the time to garden, but in most areas of the world, spring is too cold for extensive gardening. Summer is just right for tending, planting, and enjoying the garden. Whether you grow vegetables or have a large flower garden, these tips will help you keep your garden looking beautiful throughout the summer months.

Trim Back Plants

If you have perennial plants, there will always be something dying in your garden. You can keep your garden looking nice by trimming away the dead parts of plants. Use garden shears to trim away dead leaves, blossoms, and branches. Do this about once every week for best results.

Fill in Gaps

No matter how much time you spend in your garden, you probably have some gaps left over from previous years, plants that didn’t take off, or things that have died. You can easily refresh your garden by filling in these gaps with new plants. Choose fast-spreading plants to fill in gaps quickly before the summer is over. If you choose perennial plants, you will maximize your dollars as you garden. Perennial plants often spread on their own, making your garden look fuller and fuller each year.

Experiment with Lighting

How your garden is lit will change how it looks at night. There are a variety of ways you can light your garden. Hanging globes give off an ethereal vibe. Strings of lights around trees, large bushes, and garden trellises make your garden feel romantic. Ground-level orbs give your garden a futuristic feeling. Make sure to use lights safe for use outdoors and avoid long trails of extension cords through the garden. When possible, use battery-powered lights.

Add Some Signs

You know how visitors always ask what kinds of plants you have in your garden? You don’t have to keep the ugly plastic picks that come with your plants. Make your own instead! All you need for this project is a few small wood signs (even something as simple as large tongue depressors will work) one for each type of plant in your garden. Coat the top of the sign with chalkboard paint. Use about 5-6 coats, or else the chalk will rub off easily. Let each coat dry between applications. When the paint is dry use chalk to write the name of the plant. Stick the signs into the ground next to each plant.

Make a Seating Area

Part of the fun of a garden is sitting back and enjoying your work. If you do not have a place to sit and relax while viewing your garden, you will probably never look at it except when you are tending to the plants. Create a relaxing area with a few chairs, a small table, and some comfortable pillows so you can relax and enjoy your efforts.

Whether you work in your garden a lot or a little, these small changes will help you enjoy the experience. You will feel proud of your accomplishments, and your guests will appreciate the effort. Just remember- take time to enjoy the garden before the summer is gone!

This guest post is written by Marianne Ross. Marianne is a freelance writer who is happy to share her interior design-related experiences on various blogs.

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