Implosion – The Smart Option For Congested Urban Areas


Demolition work in congested urban areas presents a number of logistic challenges, many of which are best answered by implosion. A dramatic art that often draws a crowd of spectators, using explosives to bring down a structure in a busy, crowded metropolitan area can seem counter-intuitive at first glance. However, in the hands of experts, this demolition technique is often the safest, as well as the most time and cost efficient choice.

It’s All About Control

When it comes to safety in demolition, it’s all about control, and that is especially true in a highly congested urban environment. There are many factors at play, from gridlocked streets to foot traffic to extremely close buildings. Traditional wrecking ball type or mechanical demolition may be a near impossibility with the difficulties involved in getting the equipment in place. Closing streets to vehicle and foot traffic for long periods of time could be a logistical nightmare.

With all of the factors involved in safely completing a structure demolition in this type of setting, the more time efficient a crew can be, the better controlled – safer – a project is likely to be. The controlled implosion through strategically placed explosives resulting in a structure collapsing within its own space is an ideal solution for an urban environment. When performed by experts in the field, it dramatically reduces many of the potential hassles and hazards of inner city demolition.

Evolution Of Collapse Technologies

It was during the aftermath of World War II that the controlled use of explosives as a means of building demolition really came into its own. The European nations saw a lot of structural damage due to the bombing that took place during the war. Planned for maximum damage, bombers often targeted the densely populated cities, so there was a great deal of work to be done in tightly congested urban areas. The goal was to safely bring down these structures without damaging those nearby and adding to an already overwhelming clean up and rebuilding task.

Better Technology, More Control

There are a variety of concerns during the process of urban collapse demolition. In addition to the strategic placement of explosives, selecting the structural points that will make gravity a partner to the process to collapse a structure within specific space parameters, there are dust, noise, and vibration to contend with. The technology of today allows for far better management of those factors, including dust screening, industrial fan placement, and better explosives help reduce vibration and noise.

A True Art

A true and talented artist often makes what they are doing look almost effortless. That is part of the magic of a well executed planned collapse of a structure. In those few dramatic minutes, while the structure is smoothly, even gracefully, coming down, collapsing in upon itself, it all looks effortless. The intense, high tech planning and structural engineering expertise involved is completely invisible to the inexperienced eye. There is an amazing amount of skill and knowledge involved in this type of demolition. It is more than the smart choice for urban demolition, it is also true artistry on a grand and dramatic scale.

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