Is It an Urban Myth That You Can Make Some Money Out Of The House You Are Living In?


Once you have bought your first home, the first thing that you can do to raise its value is to furnish it. After a few years, an assessment may shock you once it informs you that the years have had an effect on your home and it is no longer valuable as it was in the beginning. This brings in the need to carry out measures that will restore your home to the former glory and one of these measures would be to carry out remodelling.

This is an expensive venture and you will need to plan for it well if you are to succeed. The below are areas that you can remodel to increase the value of the home.

1. The kitchen

A kitchen can be simple or complex but still manage to be one of the most valuable rooms in the house. As far as simplicity is concerned, you can buy simple but elegant kitchen furniture and have it installed in the kitchen and this will cause the value to shoot up.

If simplicity is not your thing, you can have the remodelling agency customize the kitchen for you. This means that the design will be unique to you alone and this will have the effect of raising the value of the entire home. The only thing to note is that the customized remodelling will have to change everything for it to be complete.

2. The bathroom

The bathroom is another area that any good remodelling firm will tell you to use in raising the value of your home. The only rival that the bathroom has is the kitchen and in some cases, its value surpasses that of the kitchen by far.

You can remodelling your bathroom by the addition of exquisite features like bath tubs, showers, furniture and lighting systems just to make sure that it will be expensive to look at but simple to use. All you need to do to achieve this is to be creative as there is very little you cannot do with your bathroom.

3. The roof

The roof is like the hat of the house and it is one of the very first things that one sees as they pass by your home. As time goes by, the roof gets worn as it is the part of the house that is exposed too much of the weather elements. It will crack and sag in, and these damages reduce the value of the home.

You can opt to carry out repairs to the damaged areas but this will not add any considerable value to the house. A complete remodel will guarantee more value and you can always redesign the whole roof. Whichever option you select, make sure that you work with an experienced roofing expert to get the best results.

4. The floor

Many people have never thought that floors can be used to raise the value of a home. If you have a cement floor, the only thing you can do to it is to add a carpet to beautify it. This does not increase the value of the floor in any way.

However, you can add its value by installing tiles or classic hard wood floors and this will make the value of the entire home shoot up. Many people have done this and they ended up using the floor as the main decor in the home. Try it and see how well it works.

5. The walls

The walls also give you a very big area to work with as far as improving the value of your home is concerned. This is because they have two sides and working on both of them will give you double value. The most you can do with the walls is to have them repainted to restore their original shine.

Remodelling a home is one of the surest ways to make sure that you sell the house at more than you bought it even if you are selling it years later. The remodelling brings in new things that add to the original value of the home. All you need to do is make sure that you are working with a good remodelling firm to get the best of results.


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