Top 7 Features of Android 4.1, Jelly Bean


The fastest and the smoothest version of Android is Jelly Bean. It has improved on the beauty and simplicity of Android 4.0 and has introduced a new Google search experience on Android. It was put under a microscope to make everything fee, smooth and fast. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean’s transition and beautiful graphics that moves between home screen looks astonishing.

The uniform touch responses and reactiveness means the pixels could be felt beneath as the finger moves across the screen. Android device is made more responsive by Jelly Bean when it boosts your device’s CPU when you touch the screen and to improve the life of a battery it turns it down when it is not needed.

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Beyond Smart

Now the actions could be taken directly from the notification shade. If you are late for your meeting, you could mail everyone to let them know. If you have missed a call? You could instantly call them back.


Your home screen can now be personalized with Jelly Bean. Once a widget is placed on the screen everything else independently moves to make room. Widget resize on their own when they are too big. It has never been easier to customize your home screen and interact with your favorite app.

A Smart Keyboard

The dictionaries of Android are more relevant and accurate. Before you have started typing a word keyboard can even guess what the next word will be. With the improved capabilities of text to speech, voice typing on Android has become even better. It works without having a data connection.

Take and Share Photos Seamlessly

Snapping photos were made super fast by Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. Now the Jelly Bean has brought the same speed to the next step.


Blind users could use “Gestures Mode” with Jelly Bean to navigate the UI reliably using touch gestures in combination with the outcome of speech. The supports for accessibility plug-in are also added for the enabling of external Braille input and output devices via USB and Bluetooth.

Advanced look for Search

A redesigned experience uses the power of the knowledge Graph with Jelly Bean to show search results in a richer way.

Voice Search

Android allows you to search the web wit your voice and it is the most convenient way provided by knowledge Graph brings you a concise answer if it knows it.

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