Not Another Johhny “I – Painted – My – Face – In – White – Again” Depp Movie…


…would scream anyone who got sick and tired of super star Johnny Depp playing the same role over and over again, with little to no variations in character development or make-up for that matter, as we witnessed in the last years. But how can you resist to a new Johnny Depp performance, a new Disney movie and a sequel to a silver screen production that brought the famous movie studios the biggest box-office hit in their history? You can’t, even if the latest Depp movie, The Lone Ranger is considered some sort of a failure, since Depp almost plays Jack Sparrow again, but in a western context. So you will probably break the piggy bank to buy a movie ticket for Alice in Wonderland 2, a project which proves that Disney Studios still trust in their prodigy protégé and a box office small drawback doesn’t count when you are aware that The Pirates in the Caribbean franchise brought the company almost $4 billion worldwide.

The Mad Hatter Will Be Back!

The sequel to Alice in Wonderland was announced in December 2012, under the direction of James Bobin, with a screenplay written by Linda Woolverton and Disney insists on Depp taking again his mad hat and perform brilliantly, just as he used us to (except for maybe The Lone Ranger which had an impressive budget but less than impressive box-office success and an average acting performance for Depp’s part, but that’s the movie critics job to analyze).

According to recent news and gossip brought to us by Variety and, Disney Studios recently bought Johnny Depp’s movie production company Infinitum Nihil, which proves once again if it was necessary that Hollywood superstar will be included in Disney’s future projects for a long time from now on, the best example for this holy union being the release of the fifth Pirates movie in 2015.

Wait, what?

Before we embark on a new adventure together with infamous Jack Sparrow, first we’ll have the honor of seeing Depp in the 2014 Science – Fiction movie Transcendence, directed by Wally Pfister (and if you take a look over his portfolio as Director of Photography you can hope for the best) and then in a musical production inspired from world-renown fairytales, Into the Woods – where Depp plays (what else!) the big bad wolf. Not such a big surprise, since in the last years we barely saw his real face under those layers of make-up and crazy hairdos, although critics and fans share the opinion that he did a lot better in both Hollywood productions and independent projects where he actually acted and not just looked funny, but, as we said before, Johnny Depp is a star, his talent and versatility are undisputable and his movies (especially those in which he looked funny) made history.

Future plans

Apparently, Depp himself wants to prove he is more than the eye can see and one of his big shots to this goal is Transcendence, a movie we don’t know much about, except it started filming in April in Los Angeles and Boston, so if you’re around Boston this time of year, you can try to catch a glimpse around the filming sets, or, if you’re really a big fan of Depp, you can always choose to watch on demand any of his movies thanks to the new Comcast Boston offers.

And if you’re at it, give Secret Window a second look, just to remember how well Depp and David Koepp did together, as they plan to reunite for a movie adaptation of crime / mystery novel The Great Mortdecai Moustache Mystery, which Depp wants to film in between Into the Woods and Pirates of Caribbean. The role of funny and interesting character Charlie Mortdecai, some sort of wealthy Sherlock Holmes, may be exactly what Depp needs to evolve as an actor. Critics say that even if the 2004 Secret Window suffered a lot because Depp was featured in heavy blockbusters, it was still a good movie, showing him and Koepp can do a good job with their powers combined.

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