Factors to consider before starting adult SEO

The difference between conventional SEO and adult SEO lies in a search engine or site protecting its reputation. Remember when porn would appear in search results and pop-ups? Assuredly, most parents and guardians remember needing to warn students about not clicking on pop-ups. Even librarians would instruct that a student immediately report inappropriate content, upon encountering porn during a search.

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In particular, Google LLC updated its algorithm consequently to make porn results much less prevalent in the mainstream. Google wants to maintain a reputation amongst its users as a reliable source for information, thereby eliminating any chance of seeming like a search engine that people should avoid because of adult content.


Now that you know that porn content remains forbidden on a fair portion of the internet, let’s discuss how adult sites circumvent that to use SEO anyway. We’ll also talk about the obstacles associated with content up for banishment. Herein lie the factors to consider before starting adult SEO.

First, before starting, the website owner should consider that adult sites increase SEO through long tail keywords. In other words, rather than using typical keywords, adult website owners use longer strategic keywords called “long tail keywords.” Just like mainstream SEO, analysts look for what consumers search. Then, the SEO experts make sure to utilize the long tail keywords for effective results. Does this sound fairly similar to normal SEO? So far, probably. However, SEO seems to have notoriety because some website owners try to shortcut the process with techniques that could put the site at risk for illegally trying to increase SEO.

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Now, content is flaggable. Most users have the ability to easily report questionable content online. Many social media sites do not allow porn content. That does not stop adult website owners from disguising porn content as something else entirely. For example, some sites may use direct message on Instagram accounts as click bait for the Instagram user to go to a porn site. Will sites get away with this? It’s difficult to answer that definitively. The much more ethical way to upload pornographic content is to sites such as reddit. Anyone familiar with Tumblr knows that the site used to have a reputation for adult content. However, now, the site has a ban.

Before investing in adult SEO, it’s important to consider that adult SEO seems less straightforward than typical SEO because the content isn’t available to upload everywhere. That said, adult website owners stick together to increase SEO with backlinks. Videos will engage in forums and sites that will allow for an exchange of content that will boost SEO.

Arguably, another thing to consider lies in that so many people search for porn that it’s prevalent on the internet. Even though it’s not as accessible to upload as typical content, the industry will continue to grow, and the SEO techniques prove similar to that of the mainstream. Notably, even the domain Youporn has an associated connotation of the mainstream in that it’s close to YouTube’s title. This is even though Youporn videos are hardly mainstream.

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For one, adult articles use authoring similar to any brand. Adult SEO experts also know prolific and frequent content creation will drive SEO. Not surprisingly, website speed plays a major factor in SEO in both adult sites and regular sites. Not unlike mainstream website owners, adult website owners have to consider the importance of consolidating information to increase usability. If it’s easier for viewers and readers to find adult content all in one place, SEO will increase.