Communication Technologies for HD-SDI Security


Any type of alarm security system is made much more effective when backed up by effective communication tools that can speedily connect people to a security monitoring team or police authorities depending on user preferences and conditions. The oldest form of communication equipment used for HD-SDI security systems is the landline. This is the conventional phone line that most people still have in homes and offices today. Although cellular phones or mobile telecommunication equipment has become more popular in the recent years, landline phones are still considered to be staples in residential and business units because it is generally cost-effective with alarm systems as you do not need to pay for additional costs with such installation.

Here are some communication tools that are frequently used for HD-SDI security systems:

Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

This is a much newer communication tool that converts analog audio signals or similar to what you hear when talking over the phone into digital data which can be readily transmitted over the internet.

Cellular Technology

This is what is most popularly known as a cellular phone or mobile device. It has a GSM chip readily installed in the control panel. Once the security alarm system is triggered in a particular location, the control panel immediately calls the central station which sends alarm signals thru the landline. Mobile phones mounted with such technology cannot be used for outgoing calls; hence, this does not have a phone number associated with them. To learn more about what the uses of cellular communication are, visit this website:

Internet Connection

This has the widest scope of communication system that which also has superb features for security alarm users by simply connecting your alarm to the monitoring system with the use of Wi-Fi or DSL internet connections.

These communication tools have some advantages and disadvantages to consider upon such as with the landline which is pretty cost-effective but with the advancement in modern communications, this is now lagging behind in features and options; also in terms of speed.  The copper phone lines though can easily depreciate over some time. On the contrary, mobile communications though are much reliable because it has full features capacity and speedy communication level. Utilizing the internet for security systems though can be deemed unreliable because of some internet connection issues – disruption of internet service or somewhat slow internet speeds. When this happens, the installed alarm system cannot function appropriately and will not be able to connect to the monitoring station or even contact the authorities. Trying to figure out what would work for your home or commercial security needs can be pretty trivial considering the above conditions. It would be best to combine communication technologies such as the landline and that of mobile telecommunication tools for alarm systems because it is highly unlikely that these systems would fail at the same. It would be better to have varied options and backup systems in case one method fails.

Current settings of HD-SDI security network systems are mostly compatible to all types of communication technologies. You can easily integrate security alarm in as much communication tools as you want. You can always contact your security monitoring company to enable assimilation of these communications equipment to your security alarm preferences.

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